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Company Background

At Jackstraw, Inc., we sell peace of mind. Nothing speaks better for a service contractor than a happy customer, a completed job and the peace of mind that comes with knowing the job was done right. Here at Jackstraw, customer satisfaction and attention to details are our priorities. We pride ourselves on being reliable, friendly, intelligent and experienced while offering competitive prices. A full-service landscaping contractor, we offer over 40 years experience in caring for properties throughout Upper Montgomery County, and we welcome the opportunity to take good care of yours. 

About Our Owner

Jackstraw owner/operator Robert Appelbaum has over 40 years of experience in the landscape and tree care industry. He is the recipient of the Montgomery Village Association Award for community service. He also teaches a class for the City of Gaithersburg and the Montgomery Village Foundation for homeowners who want to learn the correct and easiest ways to take care of their own lawn and landscape. He named the class, "Tricks of the Trade."

Robert is the author of a book, Tricks of the Trade, still in the writing stages, about landscaping, tree care, and a multitude of ways, means and methods for weeding, mulching, and easy to understand directions on exactly how, why and when to do these things as well as prune ornamental trees and shrubs. While the subject matter in and of itself is very informative and useful it is enhanced with words of wit and wisdom that makes the book both a memorable and enjoyable reading experience. When it comes to pruning, for example, he writes, "he who pays the mortgage shouldn't have to duck to mow his lawn or step off the sidewalk to get to the front door!"


  • Tree Care Industry Association, Member
  • Maryland Arborist Association, Member
  • Licensed (Maryland Tree Expert License #219)
  • Fully insured (General Liability, Workers Compensations, etc.)
  • Angie's List, Screened & Approved Member
  • HomeAdvisor, Screened & Approved Member

— Michael in Germantown

I have used Jackstraw twice in the past several years and would not hesitate to call on them again if I had to. They are very professional and do outstanding work for a fair price.

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