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Our Approach

At Jackstraw, Inc., we have built our reputation on honor, quality work, responsiveness and attention to detail. This, however, couldn't have happened without a lot of training and on-the-job lessons about how do such things in a safe, efficient and aesthetically pleasing manner.

In any service business, the common thread is peace of mind. Be it the bank, the auto shop, the exterminator, the electrician or the orthopedic surgeon, peace of mind is what we seek. Nothing speaks better for a service contractor than a happy customer, a completed job and the peace of mind that comes with knowing the job was done as well as if you could do it yourself or if it was done by your brother, your father or your best friend.

We view your large shrubs ornamental and shade trees as though they were large pieces of furniture in an outdoor room. To us, this is reality painting. Your home, inside and out, is a canvass you get to walk around in and enjoy for the variety of colors, textures, forms and feelings we help to create and maintain. We have no doubt that we set the standard for proper pruning and restoration of shrubs and trees that have been "butchered" by well meaning but unskilled homeowners or our competitors.

We understand the genetic message of each of the shrubs and trees we prune. Our style makes it possible for the trees and shrubs to live next to one another and embrace the house without crashing together and/or encroaching on the house.

After all, he who pays the mortgage shouldn't have to duck to mow the lawn or step off the side walk to get to the front door.

Pruning trees and shrubs is like training pets to stay in their place and mind their manners. For example, we wouldn't allow a dog to soil the carpet for 10 years and then teach him to go outside. Yet, we will let our trees and large shrubs do whatever they want without proper training for many years. This sometimes leads to abrupt changes and over pruning.

Ornamental trees like dogwoods, crabapples, Japanese maples, purple leafed plums and crape myrtles are genetically incapable of growing more than 25 feet. These are ornamental by nature. They are under story trees. They are happy to live and develop beneath the high canopy created by the much larger growing shade trees.

Large growing shrubs like Nelly Stevens Hollies, Foster Hollies, Red Tipped Photinias and Arbor Vitaes have their own unique genetic messages and present their own special needs when it comes to pruning.

Knowing and understanding these differences makes all the difference in the world when it comes to proper pruning. The benefits are visible immediately after the job is completed and as the tree or shrub grows out during the next several months and years.

Pruning is very much like hair styling. Most folks have very little allegiance to the place of business where they get their hair cut and maintained. Their allegiance is to the person who does the best job. They want the results to look natural! They understand that they will have to come back every so often to maintain such an appearance. If the stylist moved to another shop, they would follow.

This is what we at Jackstraw, Inc. are known for! If we didn't prune it, chances are it doesn't look as good as it could and it won't grow out as well as it should. We have caught on in some neighborhoods so well that it is awesome to drive by several houses in a row and around the corner where we have worked for all of them both removing trees when necessary, pruning trees to fit up and over the house as well as fit to one another and created landscapes to replace failed trees that had to be removed.

Jackstraw, Inc.: Coming soon to a tree or shrub near you!

— Wendy in Montgomery Village

I first contacted Jackstraw about 10 years ago from an ad in the paper. I have used their services many times since then. Their work is excellent, their prices reasonable and they have excellent communication skills. They do the work when they say they will and their estimates are done promptly. I have recommended them to friends many times.

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